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Halifax County Sheriff's Office

Other Civil Matters FAQs

  • Where do I go to take out papers in order to sue someone in court? +

    In order to initiate a civil action against a person or business, the plaintiff, his attorney, or agent must go to the Halifax County Clerk of Superior Court’s Office located at 355 Ferrell Lane Halifax, NC.

  • How much does it cost to sue someone? +

    In order to have papers issued by the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office, the plaintiff, attorney, or agent must pay certain fees that vary by type of process to be served. Please contact the Halifax County Clerk of Superior Court at 252-593-3000.

    The Halifax County Sheriff also charges a fee to serve processes. The fee for process issued in the state of North Carolina is $30.00 per defendant to be served. The fee for process issued outside the state of North Carolina is $100.00 per defendant.

  • Can I send process via email or fax for the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office to serve? +

    No. At this time, certain legal constraints and technological obstacles prevent the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office from accepting fees and civil process by electronic transmission.

  • How long does it take someone to be served? +

    The Halifax County Sheriff's Office handles hundreds of papers every month. With the exception of certain domestic violence cases and child custody cases, we generally do not attach a higher priority to any particular type of process. We understand that every case is a personal priority to the concerned litigants and try to manage our offices efficiently to provide the best service possible using available resources.

  • I won a judgment in my favor. What is next? +

    Contact the Halifax County Clerk of Superior Court’s Office at 252-593-3000 to find out what step is next.

  • Once the Sheriff receives my Writ of Execution, how much does it cost for the Sheriff to levy on property in the name of a defendant? +

    The Sheriff of Halifax County has standard fees that must be paid in advance by the plaintiff, his attorney or agent prior to the Sheriff or his designated deputy levying on property. This is to ensure that the Sheriff of Halifax County does not encumber costs associated with satisfaction of the judgment. The advance levy fees are as follows;

    • $250.00 to levy on a vehicle
    • $500.00 to levy on real property
    • $500.00 to levy on a business

    Other advanced fees may be required if there is personal property requiring special moving or storage, or the use of heavy equipment to move the property is required.

    NOTE: Advanced fees will be refunded in full if the property is not seized. Advanced levy fees are also refunded in full after the sale of property; as this fee is charged to the highest bidder at the time of sale.

  • Will the Sheriff keep my name and telephone number confidential? +

    With few exceptions, all information, including litigant names, addresses and telephone numbers, are public record as a matter of law.

  • The Sheriff was unable to serve the defendant. What do I do now? +

    If for any reason we were not able to serve your process after due diligence or within the legal period allowed for such process, you have a couple of options:

    1. You may have the paper re-issued so that the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office may try again to obtain service on an individual.

    2. Seek legal advice for information regarding other forms of services for your type of process.

    NOTE: Only the Sheriff or his designated deputies can serve Writs of Execution and Writs of Possession.

  • How do I check on the status of a civil paper? +

    Call the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office at 252-583-8201 and ask for Extension 4473.