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Halifax County Sheriff's Office

How to register

To learn more about the Halifax County security camera registry and to register:

Register Here!

How the security camera registry program works

When a crime happens, the security camera registry program helps us quickly locate the nearest cameras. If you choose to register your camera:

  • We will contact you to ask for video if we need it for our investigation.
  • We CAN NOT access your camera. We simply know where your camera is, which is helpful if a crime happens nearby.
  • Registration is free and does not require any hardware or a subscription.
  • You can de-register at any time.

Who can see my camera information

Only authorized users can access the information:

  • We don't have direct access to your cameras. We will only use the registry to contact you to request footage if there's a crime in your area.
  • Your data is classified as protected and is not public data. The information can’t be disclosed in a public data request.