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Halifax County Sheriff's Office
CID & Narcotics

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigative Unit investigates property crimes, assaults, fraud cases, homicides, sex crimes, and any other crimes covered by North Carolina General Statutes.

Many of the detectives possess expertise in various fields of work and are such assigned cases according to each one’s expertise. Burglaries, robberies, larcenies, motor vehicle thefts, missing/neglected juveniles, etc. are assigned to a detective based on the geographic area of the county that the crime occurred.


The primary mission of the Narcotics Unit is to investigate and detect narcotics violations, illegal alcohol sales, gambling, prostitution, and other illegal vices throughout Halifax County. This division is commanded by a Captain.

Working closely with federal, state, and other agencies in and out of our jurisdiction, these agents work diligently to promote safe and law-abiding communities throughout the county by not only using enforcement measures but also by educating the public whereby the agents and the public work together as partners. This unit was created to work not only street-level narcotics but also complex investigation and intelligence gathering on suspected drug dealers.

These agents’ duties include working street level narcotics and long term investigations focusing on mid-upper level drug traffickers, money laundering, seizing assets from dealers, and testifying in state and federal courts. Other duties include conducting marijuana eradication missions, performing search warrants, controlled narcotic transactions and prostitution stings on prostitutes that solicit undercover agents.

If you have information or tips regarding drug activity occurring in your area, you can report a tip anonymously on this web site or by contacting an agent by phone at 252-583-8201.