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Halifax County Sheriff's Office

The Uniform Patrol Division operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. A patrol deputy is most likely to be the first representative of the Sheriff’s Office to make contact with a citizen of Halifax County. Therefore, each deputy is expected to perform his or her duties in an efficient, honest, and professional manner. To maintain this standard, all deputies familiarize themselves with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics as well as the Standard Operating Procedures set forth and enacted by the Sheriff. The main function of a patrol deputy is to be the first responder to all calls for service. Patrol deputies will make all initial reports of investigation and forward them to the proper division for further investigation. The patrol deputy will secure all crime scenes, conduct traffic enforcement activities, ensure business security in their assigned areas, effect arrests for misdemeanor violations, serve civil and criminal papers as needed in their assigned areas, transport inmates or other persons in custody to the directed locations, and perform other duties directly related to the road patrol function as assigned.

Halifax County is the 14th largest land area county in NC covering over 724 square miles. Patrol deputies are responsible for providing services to over 52,000 residents that live in over 20 different cities, towns, townships, and communities. The Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of four (4) squads under the command of a shift Lieutenant. In 2019, patrol deputies responded to over 45,000 calls for service. This equates to approximately 125 calls per day. Deputies served over 11,000 civil and criminal processes and made sure that 7,000 properties in Halifax County were safe and secure.

Patrol deputies participate in many civic functions both on and off duty. They are involved with local athletic activities, community improvement programs, church functions and many others. Patrol deputies are encouraged to get actively involved in their community and to always practice the core values of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence.