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Halifax County Sheriff's Office

Pistol Purchase Permit FAQ

  • What is required to get a pistol permit to purchase a handgun? +

    To purchase a handgun in North Carolina, you must have a permit issued to you by the Sheriff’s Office in the county in which you reside. You must meet the following requirements:

    • Must be 21 years of age.
    • Must be a resident of Halifax County.
    • Be of good character and reputation.
    • Not be an unlawful drug user.
    • Have had no Carrying Concealed Weapons, Domestic Violence, or Felony convictions.
  • How do I apply for a pistol permit? +

    The easiest and fastest way to apply is doing so online. You may apply for a pistol permit by clicking on this link https://halifaxso.permitium.com/.

    You may also come to the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office located at 355 Ferrell Lane in Halifax, NC Monday-Friday between 8:30am – 3:30pm. Note the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office Gun Permit Office is closed on major holidays.

  • If I apply online, do I still need to come to the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office to complete the purchase process? +

    Yes, you must come to the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office to personally sign a mental health waiver before the process can proceed any further. You must bring a valid photo identification. Failure to sign the mental health waiver form will delay your permit request.

  • How long are pistol permits good for? +

    A pistol purchase permit is good for 5 years from date it is issued.

  • Is there a limit on the number of pistol purchase permits I can buy? +

    No, there is no limit on how many you can buy.

  • How much does a pistol purchase permit cost? +

    A pistol purchase permit is $5.00 plus additional processing fees.